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Our Philosophy



I firmly believe that the ultimate goal of participation in dog sports, whether for serious competition or just for fun, should be to increase the overall quality of a dog's life and to build a mutual partnership of joy and trust between dog and handler.  Therefore, in all classes offered through Poised for Success, I strive to combine good quality skill building with patience and a sense of humor.  My hope is that every class will help you and your dog come to know and trust one another more deeply, and increase your enjoyment of working together through performance to music.






Current Online Class Offerings






Tessa posing on the "platform" we used for the "Trick on a Platform" exercise





Current Poised for Success Classes



Canine Parkour




Fabulous Foundations!

Starting February 3, 2020




Recently, All Dogs Parkour introduced a brand new “Foundation Skills Titling Program”.



This is completely separate from all other tracks in All Dogs Parkour, and is open to all dogs and puppies over the age of 12 weeks, and to dogs who have completed ADP titles before, and those who have not!

The Foundation Skills titles can be completed as an introduction for a dog or puppy who is new to Canine Parkour, as a way to maintain skills and accomplish something new with an adult dog, and as an activity for senior dogs!



In this six week class, I will introduce the exercises and skills in the first two Levels of the Foundation Skills titles, present options for training them, and provide guidance and support for teams working on these titles.  Video skills can be discussed upon request.




Come and join us for this fun introduction!

Scroll all the way down on the page for dates, tuition, and registration information.






Coming Soon through Poised for Success!





Canine Parkour





Stellar  Sequences


Building Parkour Skills






Canine Musical Freestyle






The Most Basic Basics


of Canine Musical Freestyle


Dynamic Artistry







 Looking for an intro to Parkour Class?



I am excited to announce that my "Introduction to Parkour" class, through the Clean Run Learning Center, is now an on-demand self-study course!

"Introduction to Parkour"

On Demand Self-Study through the Clean Run Learning Center



All information on tuition and registration can be found at the Clean Run Learning Center (linked above)






  Registration for Classes

through Poised for Success




General Information


Class Dates:  February 3, 2020 - March 15, 2020


Tuition:     $35.00 - one dog/one handler

                 $45.00 - two dogs/one handler


Format:  Classes are offered through a Facebook Group format


            Full explanation of the Facebook Group format will be

            provided for anyone who has not used Groups for a class

            before.  The format is quite user friendly.



Payment of Tuition


For your convenience, tuition can be paid via PayPal to:


Or, you can email ( for a PayPal invoice


Check drawn upon a US bank can be accepted via mail.  Please indicate, specifically, that you are paying by check.


Sorry, no credit card payments, except through PayPal








To register, please copy and paste the following into an email and send to:


Printable forms and mailing address for check payments available via email




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   ________      Fabulous Foundations 

                         (February 3, 2020 - March 15, 2020)


















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