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PFS Creative Video Contests


Originally started as "Creative Video Freestyle" by Yvonne Kartner, Poised for Success Freestyle is now holding "Creative Video Contests".


These contests are designed to provide a way for Freestylers to share their Freestyle performances with others around the world, to gain performance experience, or simply to have some fun with Canine Musical Freestyle.

Beginners and experienced Freestylers alike are welcome to participate in Creative Video Contests!


Each video contest will feature a different theme, or allow teams to showcase a different skill.


Anyone can participate.

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September Mini-Competition



Theme:  Seasonal Props


Performance Criteria:  Create a short routine that includes the use of one or two seasonal props.  You may feature any season that you like.  Props should clearly convey what season you have chosen (Example:  Leaf rake for fall, Snowman for winter, etc.).  The theme is “season”, not “holiday”, but seasonal holiday items may be used.


Within the course of the performance (which may consist of any Freestyle moves and/or movements), at least three clear, and distinct, uses of the prop (or props) by the dog should be demonstrated.  If one prop is used, the dog should use it in three distinct ways.  If two props are used, one can be used once, and the other can be used twice.  More than three uses of the prop are permitted.  Please keep safety in mind with all use of props.


Routine should be performed to music, but the music does not have to have an obvious connection to a season.  Connection of music to the theme will not be judged for this event.


All routines should be at least 45 seconds in length, but no more than 1 minute and 30 seconds.  (0:45 – 1:30).  Title frames added to your video will not count as part of your total performance time.


Judging Criteria:  (Winner and placements will be determined by numerical score)


  • Prop, or props, clearly connect to a season of the year (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer) – 5 Points
  • Prop, or props, are used in three distinct ways by the dog – 5 Points
  • Performance falls within designated time limits – 5 Points
  • Handler is supportive of dog – 5 Points
  • Dog is an engaged and willing partner – 5 Points
  • Dog’s response to cues – 5 Points
  • Fluency of cued behaviors – 5 Points




This contest is offered under two divisions:  Novice and Advanced


Novice:          Handler may carry food in a pocket, and it may be

                       given to your dog at any time during the



Advanced:    Handler may carry food in a pocket, but it may not be

                      given to your dog at any time during the performance


A particular dog can only be entered in one Division in this contest, but an individual handler may enter different Divisions with two (or more) different dogs.


Odds and Ends:


  • Any cue style may be used.  There is no preference for use of verbal cues over physical cues in this contest.
  • Behaviors/moves/movements that do not include use of the props should be demonstrated, in addition to prop moves, but no particular moves or movements are required.
  • Handler should wear attire appropriate to an artistic performance, but a “costume” per se is not required.  Attire may reflect the season that your props represent, but that is not required.  (Example:  You could wear all black to match a mostly black dog).
  • Performances can take place indoors or outdoors, and dogs may be on or off leash.  If a leash is used, it should remain loose, and should not be used to manipulate the movement of the dog at any time.
  • You may mute your original video and add your music as a separate track for this contest.  However, the music that you attach should be the same music that you actually performed to.  This is not required, but permitted.




1. Upload your video to a platform that will allow for public viewing, such as YouTube or Vimeo.  Be sure the video can be viewed through the link that you will share.



2. Send an email to: with a subject such as, “Props Contest”.


     In your email include:

      Your Name

     Name of Dog

     Breed of Dog


     Division that you are Entering (Novice or Advanced)


      Link to Performance Video


3. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within three days of your submission.  If you do not receive this, please send a Facebook message to Kristine Hammar to make sure that the email came through.


4. Entry is FREE


5. There is no opening date for this contest.  You may begin to send entries at any time.


6. Final submission deadline:  September 30, 2018


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