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Poised for Success


Summer Classes 2021

July 6 - August 31

Augmenting Artistry

Canine Parkour Sequencing

July 19 - September 13


Just the Basics!  Introduction to Canine Musical Freestyle



All classes being offered through Poised for Success this summer are open to, and appropriate for, dogs of all ages, including seniors dogs.


Accommodations can be made for puppies and for dogs that have any special needs or limited mobility.

In addition, all of these classes can be completed in a small and/or indoor space.

Scroll past the course descriptions for information on class registration and tuition.




Musical Freestyle





Just the Basics! 

Introduction to Canine Musical Freestyle

July 19 - September 13



Are you interested in giving Canine Musical Freestyle a try?  Come and join the fun in this comprehensive introduction to the foundations of the sport.

In this class, the most basic Freestyle Moves and Movements will be introduced!!



This class is all about getting a start with Freestyle skills.



The following topics will be covered in this class:



- Get Ready – Focus and Attention Warmups

- Training Basic Freestyle Moves

- Stationary Positions (Heel, Side, Center)

- Moving Positions (Heel, Side, Center)

- Intro to Pivots, Backing, and Lateral Movement

- Basic Transition Moves

- Prop Basics

- Intro to Movement to Music

- Simple Pattern Dances

- Simple Choreography


Whether you are interested in submitting entries for Freestyle titles, or you want to have some fun dancing with your dog, this class will get you off to a great start!





Augmenting Artistry!

Exploring the Artistic Side of Musical Freestyle

July 6 - August 31



Canine Musical Freestyle is both a sport and an art!


Once you and canine freestyle partner have begun to master some of the basics, it is time to shift some of your focus to the artistic aspects of Freestyle performance.

In this class, we will explore basic artistry skills that will help you and your dog take your performances to the next level.

The following topics will be covered in this class:




- Creating Flow

- Creative Transitions

- Pace Changes

- Creating Contrast

- Handler Movement and Body Language

- Creative Use of Performance Space

- Choreography and Performance in Small Spaces

- Making a “Music Match” for your dog

- Musicality – Matching Moves and Movements to the Music

- Artistic Use of Props

- Positioning Relative to the Camera – Making your dog the star of the show!






Canine Parkour




Canine Parkour Sequencing

Taking it to the Next Level

July 6 - August 31



Parkour Sequencing is a fun way to take your Canine Parkour adventures to a whole new level!


Whether you are interested in exploring the All Dogs Parkour Sequence Track, creating entries for All Dogs Parkour Ladders Event Titles, or mastering sequencing skills for Grand Champion or Premier Track submissions, this class will provide you with the foundation that you need for success!

Teams that new to sequencing and teams that have some experience with sequencing are both welcome in this class.



The following topics will be covered:



- Discussion of Parkour Sequencing:  Titling Options, Performance Criteria, Aspects of Training, Preparation, and Performance to Consider

- Leashes and Spotting

- Preparing Your Dog for Sequencing

- Chaining Behaviors Together

- Your Dog’s Input into Sequence Creation

- Reinforcement for Motivated Sequence Performance

- Incorporating Off-List Behaviors

- Sequencing Indoors and at Home

- Sequencing at Outdoor Locations (away from home)

- Duration – Creating and Performing Longer Sequence

- Video Considerations for Parkour Sequencing

In addition, I can provide assistance with preparation of submissions for Sequence Track entries, as well as Ladders Event entries.







Sign-Up Information



Format:            Facebook Group


Start Date:      July 6, 2021

End Date:       August 31, 2021


Tuition:            $50.00 (Once Class)

                          $80.00 (Two Classes)




In order to register for a Summer Session class, please send tuition via PayPal to:


In addition, please send an email to the above address, and include the following information:  (This may be copied and pasted to create a "registration form" in your email)

            - Name of Handler (First and Last)


            - Handler Email



            - Call Name of Dog


            - Breed of Dog



            - Name of Class for which you wish to register






This summer, all three classes offered will be co-taught by Kristine Hammar and Sherry Collins.







Classes Offered


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Introduction to Canine Parkour

through the Clean Run Learning Center


Taught by Kristine Hammar,

Certified Instructor for All Dogs Parkour





This class is offered as a self-directed study, and can be taken at any time

Introduction to Canine Parkour by Kristine Hammar







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