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Poised for Success Freestyle

Title Holders

 Max and Luna with their first Overture Division Q Ribbons



 Photo Credit:  Patricia Olson




Overture Division





Kathryn Kuhlen and Watson                   Border Collie


Kathryn Kuhlen and Darwin                  Border Collie


Esther Stieska and Schroeder               Standard Poodle


Kristine Hammar and Bandit               Border Collie


Brenna Fender and Tessa                   Border Collie


Jude Azaren and Dusty                       Belgian Malinois


Stephanie Peebles and Peter               Beagle


Angela Hicks and Nikko                       Shiba Inu


Kristine Hammar and Tessa              Border Collie


Debbie Bauer and Vinny                     Rough Coated Collie


Joe Nutkins and Taylor                     Norwich Terrier


Jane Kuntz and  Skye                          Border Collie






Melody Division





Kathryn Kuhlen and Watson                     Border Collie


Kathryn Kuhlen and Darwin                    Border Collie


Esther  Stieska and  Schroeder               Standard Poodle






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