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Poised for Success Freestyle

Online Titling Opportunities


in Canine Musical Freestyle




Now open for Registrations


and Entries!




Are you ready for a new kind of titling adventure in Canine Musical Freestyle?


I have been working on a concept for a new Musical Freestyle titling venue.


The Poised for Success Freestyle titling program is designed:



  • As an incremental program where the skills required in the lower levels provide a foundation for those in the higher levels




  • To be accessible to participants who might not have access to a full performance ring




  • To allow the handler to choose his or her preferred cue style




  • To place an emphasis on Freestyle as the unique art of an individual dog and handler team




  • To provide participants with options that will allow handlers to customize their titling progression



Welcome Message


Welcome Message




YouTube Channel




Guidebook and

Titling Information




Poised for Success

Freestyle Titling Program


Contains all general rules and guidelines for

the Freestyle Titling Program


(Updated December 2019)


Poised for Success Freestyle Guidebook







Freestyle Titling Requirements and Options

by Division

(Updated July 2020)

If you are new to the program, start with this document and the Guidebook together



Guide to Overture, Melody, and Harmony Divisions




For teams who have completed the Harmony Division:


Guide to the Dynamic Division




For teams who have completed the Dynamic Division:

Guide to the Master Performer Division


 For seniors, dogs with limited mobility,

or in tribute of dogs who are no longer with us:


Guide to the Tribute Division







All forms can be downloaded and sent by email as an attachment, or you can copy and paste the information into the body of an email.

Send forms to:


Registration Number Form - Microsoft Word Format


Registration Number Form - PDF Format




Entry Submission Form - Microsoft Word Format


Entry Submission Form - PDF Format


Tribute Division Registration Form


Tribute Division Entry Form




Sample Entry Submission

Overture Division - Artistry Leg




Another Sample

Overture Division - Artistry Leg

Thank you, Kathryn and Watson!


Another Sample

Overture Division - Handling Leg

Playlist (Click Link and hit "Play All")
Thank you, Esther and Schroeder!


Sample Submission

Overture Division - Technical Leg





Details are in the works!  Check back for more information!


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