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The Renaissance Performance Sport Trifecta

Do you have a
Renaissance Dog?

All dogs are invited to participate in the Renaissance
Performance Sport Trifecta, a special titling event offered jointly by All Dogs Parkour (ADP), Cyber Rally-O (CRO), and Poised for Success Freestyle (PFSF). This event was created to honor the 2024 Summer Olympics.




Title Requirements: To earn the Renaissance Dog Trifecta title,
participating dogs must:

   - Earn one title in All Dogs Parkour.

   - Earn one title in Cyber Rally-O.
   - Earn one title in Poised for Success Freestyle




Dates: The event is open for entries from June 1, 2024 through August 31, 2024.



Registration: Dogs must be registered with each organization in order to participate. Registration is free when accompanied by an entry.



Entries are $20 for ADP and CRO and $15 for Poised for Success Freestyle.



Title Awards: Teams earning the Renaissance Dog Trifecta title will receive a title certificate and a title ribbon.


For More Information:



Renaissance Performance Sport Trifecta Information








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