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The Poised for Success Freestyle

Titling Program




Come and join us for a new kind of Canine Musical Freestyle titling adventure!




  • The Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program is an incremental program where the skills performed in the first three divisions provide a foundation for creation of Canine Musical Freestyle performances as you move into the higher level divisions.




  • Entries can be filmed in any sized space, even in your own home!




  • Use of both physical and/or verbal cues is welcome at all levels!




  • In the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling program, emphasis is always placed on Freestyle as the unique art of an individual dog and handler team




  • The Laude Class has been designed in order to extend accessibility to Freestyle titles to senior dogs and dogs of limited ability

  • The Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program is desgined to be extremely beginner-friendly.  If you are new to Canine Musical Freestyle and are looking for a step-by-step introduction in a venue that is always friendly and supportive, Poised for Success just might be a great fit for you and your dog!

  • All submissions for titles are made through video, so you can participate from anywhere!

  • International entries are welcome!  There are Poised for Success Freestyle title holders from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Singapore!


Film Musical Freestyle Performances








 The Program at a Glance




Debut Division


Debut is an optional introductory title that is open to all puppies and dogs who have not yet earned an Overture Division Title.


This title consists of four legs:  Focus and Training, Building Body Awareness, Props, and Music and Play.  For each leg, eight of the available options need to be chosen, trained and filmed.


This division is meant to be an "entry-level" title.  Most options offered are appropriate even for very young puppies, and the options provide an excellent framework for building a training foundation and bonding with a dog who is new to training.





Overture Division


All teams begin the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling program with the introductory division, called "Overture", unless a handler has chosen to begin with the Debut Division.

In order to create submissions for this title, dog and handler teams learn and perform very basic Freestyle skills that form a foundation in the sport of Canine Musical Freestyle.

This title is designed to be achievable by dog and handler teams of all experience and skill levels.




Melody Division

In the second division of the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling program, dog and handler teams build upon the skills introduced in the Overture Division and begin to master more complex Canine Musical Freestyle skills and moves. 

While still creating a solid foundation for later performance, in the Melody Division, teams begin to take the basic skills introduced in the Overture Division and start to chain them together as a foundation for creating Freestyle sequences for performance.


This division is designed to be more challenging than the Overture Division, while remaining a "novice" level title.


Harmony Division


In the Harmony Division, performance of the skills necessary to create entries becomes more challenging, but teams have been prepared to perform at this level through the Overture and Harmony divisions.

In the Harmony Division, dog and handler teams complete the final steps necessary to be prepared to begin to create short Canine Musical Freestyle performances!


Dynamic Division

In the Dynamic Division, you and your dog can let your artistry and creativity shine!

Teams working in the Dynamic Division create short performances to meet criteria for different categories.  These categories are designed to introduce you to different types of Canine Musical Freestyle performances.


Since these are short performances, you can make sure that you and your canine dance partner are on the right track to creating and performing full-length Freestyle performances!

In the Dynamic Division, as well as in the Master Performer and Category Specialist Divisions, you can choose to perform in the Theater Track ("Classic" Freestyle performance) or in the Silver Screen Track (Video editing is permitted and encouraged!), or both!


Master Performer Division


This is where all of the training and work that you and your dog have accomplished in all of the other divisions has been going!

In the Master Performer Division, you and your dog will perform full-length Canine Musical Freestyle performances, using the skills, moves, and behaviors that you practiced as you worked your way up to this point!




Category Specialist Division

If you would like to continue on after earning the Master Performer title, you and your canine dance partner can choose any of the performance categories from the Dynamic and Master Performer divisions, and create additional performances within those categories.

All teams who earn three different Category Specialist titles will earn the Poised for Success Freestyle Championship title!




Titling Program Information







This Guidebook contains all of the general rules and guidelines for the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program.

It is recommended that new participants read through this first.

PFS Freestyle Guidebook - General Information








Guidelines for Titles - by Division



If you are brand new to the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program, begin either with the guide to the Debut Division or the Overture Division



Debut Division (Optional)



Debut Division Guidebook




Overture, Melody, and Harmony Divisions



Guide to the Overture, Melody, and Harmony Divisions

 Updated June 2022


Or, if you are working with a senior dog, or a dog who has limited ability, you might want to consider titling through the Laude Class:


Guide to Overture, Melody, and Harmony Divisions for the Laude Class





Dynamic Division


Guide to the Dynamic Division

 Updated February 2022




Master Performer Division


Guide to the Master Performer Division


Category Specialist Titles

and Poised for Success Freestyle Champion



Guide to the Category Specialist Division and the Poised for Success Freestyle Champion Title




Tribute Division


We offer a special titling division for dogs who can no longer perform in the Laude Class, or for dogs who are deceased, but for whom the handler has existing video.

If you would like to pay tribute to a prior dance partner, please do consider creating video submissions for the Tribute Division.

Guide to the Tribute Division




Summary of Titles Offered

through Poised for Success Freestyle



List of Poised for Success Freestyle Titles







How to Register


All new dog and handler teams need a registration number.

From June 1 - August 31, 2024, registration numbers are free with first entry!


In order to register, please send an email to pfsfreestyle@gmail.com, and include the following information:  (This may be copied and pasted to create a "registration form" in your email)

            - Name of Handler (First and Last)


            - Handler Mailing Address

            - Call Name of Dog


            - Name of Dog as you would like it to appear

               on title certificates


            - Breed of Dog as you would like it to appear   

               on list of title holders





How to Enter


In order to submit entry, please send an email to:




Include the following information in the body of the email:  (This may be copied and pasted to create an "entry form" in your email)


            - Handler Name


            - Call Name of Dog


            - PFS Registration Number


            - Division or Etude Event Entered


            - Leg Entered (For Debut, Overture, Melody, Harmony)


            - Performance Category (For Dynamic, Master Performer,  and                                                                                          Category Specialist Divisions)


            - Track Entered (For Dynamic, Master Performer, and Category

                                                               Specialist Divisions)


            - If entering Debut or Laude Class



            - The link to the video, or playlist, for your entry





Entry fees per leg are as follows:

Debut, Overture, Melody, and Harmony Divisions:

      Debut Leg - $15.00
      Handling Leg - $15.00
      Technical Leg - $15.00
      Artistry Leg - $15.00

Dynamic, Master Performer Divisions, and each Category Specialist Dvision title:

      Leg #1 - $15.00
      Leg #2 - $15.00
      Leg #3 - $15.00

Etude Titles:

      Single Leg - $15.00

Tribute Division:

        Entry for each Skills Title - $10.00
      Entry for each Performance Title - $10.00


        There is no additional fee for Tribute Division       Combined Titles

Please send via PayPal to the above email address when you email your entry.






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Poised for Success Freestyle YouTube Channel





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Poised for Success Freestyle Facebook Group



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